NOTE: Dancers should expect to spend at least 1 year/level. If your dancer was not promoted this season it simply means he/she is currently taking class & being challenged at the appropriate level for his/her age, skill set & ability. In other words, “Welcome Back!”

If your dancer is interested in being considered for promotion next season, we encourage enrolling in at least 2 classes per week of the style in which they hope to be promoted. For Ballet, we recommend 1 more class than the Academy level he/she is enrolled in (i.e. Level 1 takes 2+ classes/week of Ballet technique).

Additionally, strengthening and conditioning can be a great add-on and is budget-friendly. Dancers in Ballet who are over age 9 OR are Academy Level 3 and higher should consider adding Pointe Strengthening. Jazz dancers should consider Stretch & Strength for just $5 per drop in class, and both Jazz and Contemporary dancers benefit considerably from Acro. As always, for all types of dance, private lessons are available by request in the earlier afternoon hours. Please, see the front desk to inquire!

If you &/or your dancer would like individualized feedback, guidance & words of encouragement regarding promotion please, email

We are SO proud of ALL of our students at Strong Studios & look forward to building more confidence in 2018!

The following students have been promoted:

From Combo to Full Hour Classes

You can trial 5 free classes!

(Pre-Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Afro, bellydance, Acro Jazz, Jr. Hip Hop)

Aliyah De Los Angeles

Alexis (Lexi) He

Jaylene Moreno

Madison Stilabower

Kenzington Carson

Liyan Luo

Khloe L. Reyes

Claire Kim

Blayke Parsonage

Allison Lo

Olivia Nguyen

Sophia Nguyen

Pre-Ballet to Ballet 1

Mila Barnes

Riley Brito

Kobe Gosselin

Nina Mitchell

Eva Modrak

Chiara Corazzo

Kadence Gallego

Kaila Park

Rialynne Patel

Alice Tran

Aliya Leslie

Halle Leslie

Shaylee Pham

Morrisa Herman

Charis Lee

Hailey Moody

Yuika Murakami

Lucy Takata

Natalie Cheng

Destiny Ledesma

Samantha Davis