Performance Opportunities

Extra performance opportunities for Spring/Summer 2019 Season TBA.

Recital dates: December 15 & 16 (Show Order has been posted in the studio hallway)
Contact our friendly front desk! 714.821.5500

As a reminder: We do not release dancers early at Recital. Dancers are to remain backstage with our teachers and volunteer parents; they will have snacks, crafts, and games. They want to hear you clap for them when they are featured in the Finale! They will be released at Dancer Check-Out afterwards. Thank you for understanding!

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At Strong Dance Studios, we provide performance opportunities each season! We run by a semester system. However- in dance we call them seasons! 

Each season we hold a professional recital (rent a local theater, hire a stage crew, rent back drops, purchase costumes, etc...).

We have one huge recital in the spring/summer season and one in the fall/winter season. 

The recital is split into two major productions. One part of the recital would be our class recital. This means that every dancer enrolled in a performing class gets the opportunity to perform!

The second production, has a requirement of attending one audition. For example, In December, we hold our class recital and Nutcracker. To be apart of the class recital, all your dancer has to do is enroll in a class. However, for Nutcracker, ALL dancers who would like to be cast must attend one audition. From there each dancer is granted a role, a ballet contract must be signed, and the dancer must attend the rehearsals for the role. 

Throughout the season there are many smaller performance opportunities. We perform at the local senior centers around our studio, Cypress Festival, and The OC Fair. Your dancer is welcome to attend all of these performances as long as they are enrolled in a performing class and have purchased a costume!

It is not mandatory to perform, but we highly recommend it! 
Recital gives dancers opportunities to show their CONFIDENCE on stage, and all of their hard work and progress.