Photo Shoot 2018


1. When is the photo shoot?

Saturday, December 1st will be our Photo Shoot for all of our classes.

Sunday, December 2nd will be our Nutcracker Photo Shoot.

2. What time do we come?

Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled time slot.

3. What is my time slot?

A time slot is on the schedule in an email sent as well as in the studio hallway.

On our website, the information is under Photo Shoot Line Up.

4. Why come early then?

Majority of the time the Photo Shoot runs ahead of schedule
If you are LATE, our photographers cannot wait for you; they have a very busy schedule.

If you’re there 15 minutes early, we can get your group photo done and you can leave earlier!

5. Can I see the shoot as it’s happening?

NO, Photo Shoot is a closed set.

Don’t worry though, you may sit in the hallway and wait, generally each set takes about 10-15 minutes.

6. Why are the windows covered?

Kids get distracted easily, if they can see mom and dad directing them with their poses from the window, they’ll never look at the camera!

7. How much are the photos?

All of this information will be at the front desk on the shoot day! Packages vary and of course there’s always deals the day of!

8. What if I can’t make it to the shoot?

We get that sometimes, things come up. Please let the front desk know if you will not be able to attend so that we can mark you absent prior to that day. Your account will be charged $5, and unfortunately your dancer won't be in any of the group shots or get individual photos.

9. What does my dancer wear?

THEIR COSTUME! Please arrive with your dancer IN their costume, hair done, makeup on, the correct tights, proper shoes with them. (Their garment bag lists all of this information)

10. MAKEUP?!?!

Yes, makeup! Because if not, they will look extremely washed out by the white backdrop and the professional lights, we don't want any child to get lost in the lights.

11. What do I need to fill out that day?

At the front desk, please fill out a blue card for your DANCERS,(siblings on the same card) you will list ALL of their costumes, including if they’re in Nutcracker. The same card will be used Sunday for Nutcracker shoot.

12. What if my dancer is in more than 1 class?

Each class gets a time slot, so please bring ALL of their costumes with you. Room 1 and 3 will be turned into mock dressing rooms, for your convenience!

13. What is the ALL CAST photo?

This is for our Nutcracker production ONLY, and it is happening an hour in between our youngest and oldest groups are scheduled. It is optional, but we encourage all of the cast to attend. (If you would like to attend please email ASAP)

14. When will my photos arrive?

The photography company will have this answer the day of the shoot.

If you have any other questions not listed above, please email