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What Are The Strong Dance Studios Productions?

Strong Dance Studios 2018 Productions are the final theatre shows of the year. Recitals take place every season.

In order for the shows to run smoothly and efficiently, there will be two separate shows. This breaks up the dances so that each show will have a run-time of under two hours.

The dances you will see have been in the works for five months or more, so this is a great accomplishment of which our dancers should be proud. We purchase costumes and rehearse until the show. During this time it is important that your dancer is present in all of their performing classes. For the dancers who purchase a costume, there is a mandatory photo shoot that involves all styles.

We will also sell apparel with our specialty Strong Dance Studios shirts and merchandise to commemorate a beautiful show. 

Ask the front desk to purchase the limited styles now!


Is there a dress rehearsal? What do we need? Where is it?

YES! It is critical for the confidence of our dancers onstage that we do a trial run. This shows the dancers how to cope with little mishaps that can happen on a stage environment when you add nervousness, spotlights, and costumes that occasionally malfunction, or need to be changed for different numbers! We run into all of these in rehearsal so that in the show, dancers know just what to do to keep the production going with a smile.

2018 Fall/Winter & Nutcracker Recital Dates are December 15 & 16 

Times to come soon for dress rehearsal and dancer check in!


What is Dancer Call Time? Dancer Check-in? 
                           - Dancer's must be present at the call time/check-in time to be marked present for their performing dances
                           - It is crucial for the dancer to be on time (Less anxiety, more confidence!)

The performance will NOT be at the studio.

Attendance is NOT MANDATORY, but highly recommended, as it will build confidence and reduce show anxiety for you and your dancer for the day of Recital. Especially if it's their first time performing!

Please arrive ON TIME for Rehearsal because there will be important announcements before each time block! We don't want your dancer to miss their turn onstage!

***You may leave once your dancers' numbers have been rehearsed ***

*You may not get your dancers early from recital!*


Where is it?



 Do I need tickets? How do I get them? You

Tickets can only be purchased on our website! Our Box Office Tab will be available soon! 

Will tickets be sold at the door?

If the show is SOLD OUT, then no. Notifications that the show sells out will come via email, by update on Facebook and by poster in the lobby. If the show is not sold out, then yes, they will be available at the door for $30.00

What if tickets sell out before I get mine?!

We do not anticipate selling out of tickets completely. We do track ticket sales and post them to our website, Facebook page, and via a poster in the lobby. If it looks like we are getting close to selling out, a special email update will go out to advise you.

What time do I bring my dancer?

Please drop your dancer off at Dancer Check In at least 30 MINUTES PRIOR to the show. They should be ready to perform in costume, hair and makeup. If your dancer has multiple numbers, bring them in the costume they will wear FIRST, and bring other costumes in the provided garment bags. The show order will be published on our website well in advance of the show and we will rehearse the numbers IN ORDER at the dress rehearsal, so they can get used to the costume changes they have. All studio costumes will come with garment bags, use 1 per costume. Place EVERY accessory (including shoes) in the bag with the costume for our volunteers. This helps them stay organized and keep costume pieces together even through multiple changes. LABEL EVERY PART OF THE COSTUME WITH YOUR DANCER’S NAME.

Where do I drop him/her off?

Dancer check-in occurs at the marked entrance near the Theatre. Volunteers will be on hand to mark off every dancer to assure their safety. They will be assigned to their class group and will remain with the group backstage and be under adult supervision AT ALL TIMES until the end of the show. When the show is finished, you can pick up your dancer at Dancer Check in/out. NO PARENTS ARE ALLOWED BACKSTAGE UNLESS THEY ARE A VOLUNTEER. We are SERIOUS about protecting your dancer.


My dancer has costume changes and/or a special snack. Will I need to go backstage after the show and get their “stuff?”

That sounds stressful, so no! When the show is finished, your dancer will be brought with all their stuff to the Dancer Check in/out. Your dancer’s costume garment bags will have been packed by their team volunteer, and if your items are all labeled, your dancer should go home with everything they had when they arrived.

If you are uncertain of this process or uncomfortable, we would never insist on keeping you from your dancer. But after TEN years experience, we assure you this process is typically very smooth and hassle free.


Who cares for my child backstage?

The moms of our studio volunteer each year to assist in coordinating backstage. There is one adult for every 10 children, just like in class. In the case that there are more than 10 kids, there are 2 volunteers. In a class of 14, that means 1 volunteer to 7, better than their class ratio. These moms are usually a volunteer from their child’s own class, so they will know the other students. Our moms are overseen by a Lead Volunteer who helps coordinate getting kids safely to and from stage. We have at least one CPR trained individual backstage in case of emergency. The backstage area is locked for the duration of the show, and children do not go in and out of it. They are always supervised. Our volunteer moms are GREAT and we couldn’t do a great show without them. If you would like to volunteer please notify the front desk. Volunteer moms DO get to watch their dancer on stage and do not need to purchase a show ticket. They get other perks, too, so don’t hesitate to volunteer!


What is there for them to do?

It can seem like a long wait for an excited dancer backstage. For that reason we give our volunteer moms a few tools to keep the kids entertained. There are toys and games for the kids, and we also screen a movie if they’d like to watch. We provide snacks, water and juice, and if you have a special dietary need we will make sure your dancer eats whatever snack you’d like to provide.  When it is their turn to dance they are called, and their volunteer walks them to the stage and back safely. During intermission, we occupy the children backstage!


Who helps my child change/Use the restroom?

If your dancer is in multiple numbers, bring them in the costume they appear in first, and their additional costumes with name labels in plastic bags or garment bags. Include the costume and any accessories. Label the bag as well. The volunteer will assist with any costume and hair or makeup changes according to the order of the show. Special runners are assigned to escort the children to and from the restroom safely, and help them with their costumes.


How do we do hair/makeup?

Instructions for hair and make-up will be published prior to the photo shoot, or you can always ask your dancer’s instructor. Backstage volunteers help with quick changes, hair changes, and refreshing makeup when necessary.


Is makeup necessary?

We believe that parents should be able to decide what is appropriate for their dancer based on their parenting style. That said please be warned that dancers without any makeup on will appear extremely WASHED OUT under stage lighting. Footlights and spotlights are very harsh and the best way to look healthy and natural under them is to rely on a little makeup. We recommend at least a warm blush and red lipstick. For most dancers, they will look best with blush, lipstick and eye makeup, including heavy mascara. If your dancer is very young and you object, keep in mind the Recital is a once a year event, and feels a lot to your dancer like playing dress up. Why not allow them the works?!


How long is the show?

The show averages 2.5 – 3 hours. Our goal is to keep the show itself to 2 hours and 20 minutes maximum, but we may run longer depending on a few variables. Our goal for tiny tot shows is 90 minutes.


How many times will I see my dancer on stage?

Each hour long class prepares at least one dance. Each half hour private class prepares one dance. All dancers go across the stage again in a Finale number to bow. You will see your dancer on stage a minimum of twice, and sometimes many more times depending on their classes.


Will there be refreshments?

No, we apologize for any inconvenience. 


Can I take pictures/video? Will I get a video of the show?

This is an important memory, one you will always cherish. For that reason, we hire a professional videographer to film our production and make it available to you in professional, keepsake fashion. The final product is edited so you may watch the whole show, or just your dancer(s) number(s). Because the quality of the production is much higher when done by a professional, we ask that you refrain from videotaping personally. Phone and flash photography can be a dangerous distraction to our dancers, who are above audience level with a drop from the stage. We ask all audience members to refrain from taking pictures or filming for the safety of our dancers and the enjoyment of the other members of the audience. DVDs of the show are available for purchase before, during and after the show. Before the show, DVDs are $20 per show. The day of and afterwards they are $25 per show. These make great gifts, especially for anyone who wasn’t able to attend. Payment can only be made by CASH or CHECK, and should be made out to “OC Videography”.


Will we receive portraits in costume?

Yes! Each year, we coordinate a professional photo shoot at the studio for our dancers. This season, our photo shoot is December 1st and 2nd! Bring your dancer in full costume and make up at the time provided by the studio. Our professional photographer and team will make sure you get beautiful, high quality pictures in dance poses. A range of packages is provided photo shoot day. The shoot itself is free and there is no charge to participate. The only associated costs are for packages of the prints. Because participation in the shoot is free, it is also MANDATORY. If your dancer is in the ballet production and does not attend the photo shoot, there will be a $5 fee. Remember, even if you don't want to purchase photos, each class takes a group photo and your dancer's friends will want a complete group snapshot! 


How many performances a year does the studio provide?

We believe that children and dancers build confidence by staging a successful, well-rehearsed show. Appearing in shows over time dissolves performance anxiety, stage fright, and self consciousness. Many of our dancers go on to be very strong public speakers, student government leaders, and academic high achievers. At the very least, they become very self-possessed and aware. Because this requires repetition and practice, we offer at least 3 performance opportunities a year. Our annual performances include the Summer Recital, the OC Fair Performance in August, and the Winter Holiday Recital & Nutcracker. We also frequently appear in smaller community events in conjunction with the city of Anaheim and Cypress Local Senior Care Facilities. These shows are all optional, and can only help make your dancer more confident over time. We encourage you to participate in as many as possible. If you take advantage of all show events offered, you may see your dancer onstage anywhere from 12-15 times!


Will my dancer be promoted after the show?

Each class proceeds according to a designed curriculum. Dancers who have shown mastery of the curriculum are eligible for promotion at the discretion of their teacher. You are always welcome to schedule an assessment or conference with Ms. Rachel. Typically a student who attends class twice a week is promoted every year. Those in 3 - 6 classes may more up twice a year. Once a week students usually every other year.


How does that work?

If eligible, your dancer will be given a notice before each registration period (either July or December) congratulating them on their hard work and inviting them to the next level. Parents may opt to move their child up or remain at their current level. Promotion is a suggestion intended to help your dancer keep growing and challenging his/herself. It is not a must, but is very exciting for them.


Is there a celebration after the show?

The show is really something to celebrate, it is the result of many months of hard work! We usually provide directions to our local El Torito restaurant on Katella where those who wish to can celebrate together. All are welcome!


Is there life at the studio after the show?

Of course! The show is one of our biggest days of the year, but it is still just one day.

After the show, we have a whole new studio to come back to as many of our dancers are promoted to new classes. We also have our next show to prepare for!

After a brief holiday break Dec 23- Jan 1, we resume classes the first week of January (On Jan 2nd)and our audition for the summer recital ballet is shortly thereafter.

Every August and January are considered "open registration" months. We grant all students 5 free sample classes of different styles of dance. That way they can try out what they might have become interested in after seeing the Recital risk free. We also encourage our dancers to bring a friend to sample some classes. We love giving our dancers a chance to find new ways to challenge themselves.


Do you still have unanswered questions? 

Call us! Our front desk team is here to help you!

(714) 821-5500



Be sure to affix a LABEL to all items you bring along with your dancer. A small strip of tape inside his/her shoes with their name on it will save time!!


If your dancer is in multiple numbers, include each costume with its accessories in a separate, labeled garment bag. place the appropriate shoes in it as well!


Order recital souvenirs early – prices go up recital day!