Recital FAQs

For your dancer's safety and to assure smooth backstage operations for our volunteers charged with running our show for close to two hundred dancers (many with multiple costume changes), we require that dancers remain backstage for the duration of our show. We do allow an exception for dancers with same day ticketed air travel. In order to request an early check out, please email a copy of your itinerary to for review. Because we must follow a separate safety protocol to check your dancer out early, any family checking out early will be assessed an early check out fee of $25

Donations Needed before Recital. Please drop off your donations to the front desk.

Please donate snacks and water, no items with nuts.

Example: Small Bottle Waters, Carrot Sticks, Graham Crackers, String Cheese, Pretzels, Blue Painters tape, etc

Questions? Please call our friendly front desk (714.821.5500)


Recital Dates and Location

  • Recital Dates: June 26, 27, 28 ( Dress Rehearsal listed below)

    • Wednesday, June 26th: Rubies Show

      • Dancer Check-In @ 5:30 pm SHARP | Show Time @ 6:00 pm

        • Rubies Show consists of all Combo, Pre-Ballet, and Level 1 classes

    • Thursday, June 27th: Emeralds Show

      • Dancer Check-In @ 6:00 pm SHARP | Show Time @ 6:30 pm

        • Emeralds Show consists of all Level 2-3 classes, soloists, and duets

    • Friday, June 28th: Diamonds Show (Includes our feature production: Aladdin)

      • Dancer Check-In @ 6:30 pm SHARP | Show Time @ 7:00 pm

        • Diamonds Show consists of all Level 4-5 classes, and the feature production: Aladdin

  • Location: Woodrow Wilson Classical High School (Wilson High)
    4400 E 10th St, Long Beach, CA 90804



  • Parking available across the street of the Auditorium at Wilson high who requests a modest donation of $5.00 per car

  • Free parking available on 10th Street



Performance Schedule and Tickets

  • Performance Schedule

    • The performance schedule, (also known as: Show Order, Line-up) has been posted in the studio hallway

      • Please note: Your dancer may NOT be in all three shows

        • Please be sure to purchase your tickets for the appropriate show that your dancer is in

      • Please check the sample program that is taped (by studio 3) in the studio hallway to ensure that your dancer is listed correctly for the appropriate class

      • Please confirm the correct spelling of your dancers name

      • If edits need to be made- inform the front desk as soon as possible

  • Tickets

    • Tickets are sold ONLY through Strong Dance Studios

    • Online Box Office Only through

      • A Box Office Tab will be available for you on our studio website

      • Tickets will go on sale by the end of May 2019

      • ALL tickets are Non-Refundable

      • Box Office will close the day of the Recital

      • Tickets will be sold at the door, unless the Recital is SOLD-OUT

        • Tickets at the door are $30.00 (CASH ONLY) and can be purchased through Miss June the day of Recital



Dress Rehearsal and Extra Performance Opportunities




  • Rubies Show Dress Rehearsal will be the extra performance opportunities that are invitation only

    • Questions about Extra Performance Opportunities, email

  • Emeralds Dress Rehearsal

    • Emeralds Show will have Dress Rehearsal on Wednesday, June 26 @ 2:00 pm

    • Dress Rehearsal is highly recommended to boost confidence on stage, but is not mandatory

  • Diamonds Dress Rehearsal

    • Diamonds Show will have Dress Rehearsal on Thursday, June 27 @ 2:00 pm

    • This Dress Rehearsal will run through all of our feature production: Aladdin

    • Dress Rehearsal is highly recommended to boost confidence on stage, but is not mandatory