Hello Strong Dance Family!

The first draft of the Recital Program has been posted in our very own studio hallway! 
Please check and see if your dancer's name is spelled correctly and listed under the correct class.
The final draft that is listed in the hallway will be published for our Spring/Summer 2018 Recital Program.
*Please check for corrections*

Scroll Down for Cinderella Rehearsal Schedule  

Our recital will take place @ Lakewood High School

4400 Briercrest Ave, Lakewood, CA 90713

2018 Spring/Summer Recital Layout

Friday, July 20 - Dancer Call Time @ 4 pm: Dress Rehearsal for *Evening Show (Includes: Combo Class, Jr. Hip Hop, Solos, Cinderella)
Saturday, July 21 - Dancer Call Time @ 11 am: Dress Rehearsal for the *Matinee Show (All classes Level 1 +)
                            - Dancer CHECK-IN @ 4:30 for the Saturday Evening Show (Combo Class, Jr. Hip Hop, Solos)
                            - Evening Show starts @ 5 pm
                            - Intermission @ 6:00 pm
                            - Dancer CHECK-IN/CHECK-OUT for Cinderella @ 6 pm
                            - Cinderella starts at 6:30 pm
Sunday, July 22 - Dancer CHECK-IN @ 10 am for Matinee Show
                           - Matinee Show starts @ 10:30 am

Quick Note:  *What is Dancer Call Time? Dancer Check-in? 
                           - Dancer's must be present at the call time/check-in time to be marked present for their performing dances
                           - It is crucial for the dancer to be on time (Less anxiety, more confidence!)

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