Rachel Strong


In 2007 I had the opportunity to take over my childhood dance studio. Even as a young dancer, I knew my studio was a huge part of building my sense of discipline, tenacity, love of community, physical fitness, and that it gave me so much confidence. As an adult, I recognize that I can help recreate this for a new generation of kids and families. Year after year, as I have poured my love and passion into this company it has thrived. We are now a proud staff of fifteen in a beautiful, three-room facility in my hometown that serves almost three hundred families in our community. We put on as many as 15 shows per year featuring our adorable and talented dancers where they shine. Teaching over 12 styles of dance in group and private settings with a proven and world-renowned method of pedagogy, we proudly offer Cypress' only non-profit dance Academy. All the ins and outs of running a growing business aside, the most important things I do each day revolve around those funny, amazing moments I have with children who know without a doubt that I love and believe in them. The honor of being their teacher and mentor means that every day I go to work I love what I do.