Rachel strong, owner

Our Mission

Our mission at Strong Studios is to use dance to build confidence in young people of all ages and abilities.

In 2007 I had the opportunity to take over my childhood dance studio. Even as a young dancer, I knew my studio was a huge part of building my sense of discipline, tenacity, love of community, physical fitness, and that it gave me so much confidence. As an adult, I recognize that I can help recreate this for a new generation of kids and families. Teaching over 12 styles of dance in group and private settings with a proven and world-renowned method of pedagogy, we proudly offer Cypress' only non-profit dance Academy. All the ins and outs of running a growing business aside, the most important things I do each day revolve around those funny, amazing moments I have with children who know without a doubt that I love and believe in them. The honor of being their teacher and mentor means that every day I go to work I love what I do.