Closed December 24 - January 5th
Spring/Summer 2018 class schedule starts January 7th

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Tickets will NOT be sold at the door for the following:

Nutcracker (12/15 @ 6:30pm) & Morning Recital (12/16 @10:30am)

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Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Brazilian Samba, Musical Theatre, Stretch & Strength, Tricks & Turns, Afro

Spring/Summer 2019 Schedule has been released!
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 Featuring Miss Rachel and her Ballet Level 1 Class

Featuring Miss Rachel and her Ballet Level 1 Class


C u s t o m G a r m e n t B a g s

by Little Miss Muffets

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Are you EXCITED about RECITAL?

Recital 2018 costumes now viewable on your Portal

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2. Click View Class Documents

Costumes will be distributed starting Nov. 1st

October 2018 Suggestions

Our Suggestion Box is located in the studio lobby next to our Parent Hospitality Booth. Do you have any questions, suggestions, comments, or concerns? Please write to us! Don’t forget to enjoy our complimentary coffee!

Stronger Suggestion:

Do some contests based on class quizzes for choreography or terms and give away free studio t shirts to the winner!

Response: Such an awesome idea for building studio spirit AND great dancing. We currently feature contests and give away studio retail as you will see on our Social Media! Make sure you are following us on Facebook and Instagram! Your student might just be a winner!

Stronger Suggestion:

Add another window to Studio 2 so more parents can observe! Also provide a barre fitness class for Moms and Dads to stay in shape!

Response: We are one of very few studios that encourage parental observation! We are very proud of our open approach to instruction and know the more you see our wonderful instructors engage students in our method, the more you will appreciate a dance education! We currently have seating in the hallway as well as within the classroom so parents may observe. Also as the show approaches we invite parents as well as concurrent class groups to sit in the room and watch our Recital dances! Although we love our building the walls are reinforced steel, so to cut and place additional windows would be very cost prohibitive. We are earmarking our current reinvestment budget for upgrading our barres - long overdue! We have offered Barre Fitness in the past for adults during kids classes but cancelled it due to low enrollment. We currently offer a fitness class for parents on Saturday mornings at 9:30 with Mr. Victor that starts with stretching and toning and then offers a different style of dance combination each week. Come join us!!

Stronger Suggestion:

Please do the Sound of Music as the next Summer Recital! & Please do Snow White and the 7 Dwarves!

Response: These are beautiful, student-submitted suggestions! Although we have already picked Aladdin for our next Feature Production, we will add your suggestion to our pool of possibilities for Summer 2020!!

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* N E W    C L A S S *

J a z z F u n k

Taught by our very own Mr. Victor!

T r i a l   i t   f o r    F R E E !


11:30 am - 12:30 am

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* N E W    C L A S S *

Contemporary Ballet

Taught by our very own Miss Mayra!

T r i a l   i t   f o r    F R E E !


7:30 am - 8:30 am

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