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Stronger Suggestions:

S: Please clean or replace the hallway carpet

R: Great idea! Dance studios are high traffic areas, and we recommend that to minimize wear dancers wear street shoes in and change to dance shoes before hitting the floor. But, more shoes = more dirt. Currently we clean the studio nightly and deep clean with a janitorial service once a week. We have added shampooing the carpet to our crew's chore list, but will increase the frequency from once a month to every other week.

S: Have a water jug so that dancers can pour themselves a water if they forgot it

R: We are hoping that by not rescuing our dancers too much they will learn to be responsible for bringing their water. Dispensers can be a distraction for very young dancers, and the additional clean up of disposable cups would be a factor. We request that dancers stay hydrated by bringing a water bottle into the dance room with them. As it is, we end up picking up anywhere from 10-28 personal bottles a day. Imagine that!

S: Make cubbies in the back for the dancers and get new benches!

R: We actually love the practical design of our bench cubbies. Having them along the hallway means we use the space under our parents effectively, and give dancers a reason to "visit" you during class if they need to grab something. If all cubbies were in the back, we would have a large volume of dancers all needing access to the restroom area at the top and bottom of the hour. The congestion would be significant, and in case of a need for evacuation, unsafe. Our benches were all repaired, reinforced and repainted over the last week. Our studio is a place of constant progress!

Keep those suggestions coming! Thank you to Joe Popp of the Popp family for hanging our suggestion box where everyone can notice it! We will continue to publish your suggestions for making Strong Studios even Stronger!


* N E W    C L A S S *

J a z z F u n k

Taught by our very own Mr. Victor!

T r i a l   i t   f o r    F R E E !


11:30 am - 12:30 am

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* N E W    C L A S S *

Contemporary Ballet

Taught by our very own Miss Mayra!

T r i a l   i t   f o r    F R E E !


7:30 am - 8:30 am

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