Tuition is due by the 1st of every month and you have until the 5th to pay on time.
$10 LATE FEES apply on the 6th of every month! 

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Registration Fee

Your one-time $30 registration fee is due upon enrollment, followed by an annual registration fee of $15.
This annual registration is applied in the month of January every year.

Payment Methods

  We only offer AUTO-DEBIT or Prepayments for the season | No initiation/cancellation fee | Auto-Debit runs on every 5th of the month

Deferred Payment program

 For our valued clients participating in our Unlimited Class program, we offer the courtesy of 2 half payments per month

Referral PROGRAM

Looking to save a little money? Any family who refers a friend that enrolls in our program will receive a $10 credit towards the following month’s tuition. There is no limit to our referral program, so invite as many friends as you’d like! We also offer special discounts for posting glowing reviews online. Please see the Front Desk for more details!