We are so EXCITED about February! Current news, big updates, and Recital will be on….
Ms. Rachel’s February Bulletin

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Brought to you by the Monthly Suggestion Box

(Located in the studio lobby) You asked! We take ACTION!

We are getting ready for some repairs and renovations!
Starting in Feb will be redoing our studio hallway and lobby, hanging art in Studio 2 and 3, upgrading the restroom signs (Gender Neutral), adding diaper changing stations to the restrooms, … and more to come!
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Featuring Ms. Rachel and her Ballet Level 1 Class

Featuring Ms. Rachel and her Ballet Level 1 Class

December 2018 Suggestions

Our Suggestion Box is located in the studio lobby next to our Parent Hospitality Booth. Do you have any questions, suggestions, comments, or concerns? Please write to us! Don’t forget to enjoy our complimentary coffee!

Stronger Suggestion: We need a parent work room so Mom's can get their work done while at the studio!

Response: Our studio parents are some of the hardest working people we know, for sure! While we are limited by our floor plan, our intention in creating extended seating up the hallway (back in the day there was NONE!) and offering free Wifi and a coffee station were definitely our nods to our working Mamas and Papas! Currently everything that isn't dance space is used for lobby operations, retail, and costume/prop storage! In fact, one storage area doubles as the staff break room which pretty much none of us use. Invite some more friends to sign up and I will build a bigger studio!!!

Stronger Suggestion: Make the toilets auto flushing!

Response: Now this is a fantastic idea. We will be making some improvements over the holiday break including deep cleaning the carpets (again!) re-drilling and repairing the barres, upgrading our restrooms a tad and hanging some artwork. Look forward to these in 2019!

Stronger Suggestion: (student submitted) Provide OJ by the coffee machine for the dancers! It is healthy! Response: Well, your handwriting gave you away, but we LOVE that our students know we will listen to them and submit suggestions! We have considered providing the best refreshment our dancers can have - cold, bottled water - and are debating either a vending machine or self serve water area. We will keep you posted!

Stronger Suggestion:Let dancers rent out dance clothes and leotards so dancers not in dress code can borrow them

Response: We do rent shoes for all of our dancers and keep a variety of sizes for all styles. While helping our dancers be prepared is a great idea, we firmly believe in encouraging responsibility by not rescuing dancers from their own mistakes. Being ready in dress code is not Mom or Dad's responsibility, (unless your dancer is EXTREMELY young) it is yours as a dancer! If you have forgotten a dress code item, we are stocked with the basics - leos, tights, etc - that you can purchase using the card you have on file with us. Renting personal clothing items brings up a whole host of other concerns - Who disburses them? Who tracks who rented? Do they get collected back right after class? By Whom? And um...sanitizing and cleaning these garments??? etc. While we love to help this would be a lot to build into our business model. A dancer may attend one class out of dress code (at the teacher's discretion) and receive simply a warning via email. We suggest packing your dance bag the night before so you are prepared!

We hope you have enjoyed the November installment of Stronger Suggestions! Keep an eye out next week for our December update - the results of our company-wide Customer Satisfaction Survey!

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